Welcome To The Videos Page!..Most Stuff in Here is about serious rides

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Jun's "Super Lemon" Evo---This video is of some serious 4G63 power! All Wheel Drive Drift!!!

Jun's 790 HP Monster Supra---This video shows off the incredible power of this ride. Hear those tires scream!

HKS Supra---This video is of an old supra smoking a 90's supercharged mustang! Once those HKS turbos spool up, it's all over.

Top Speed Run!---This video shows that it is possible to go too FAST!

Drift Champion---This video is of the 1998-2000 World Drift Champion! Driving a Hachi-Roku of course. Drifting in it's purest form.

Option Video!---This video is Koguchi doing what he does best, Drifting!!

Vertex Altezza---This video is of The Altezza or Lexus IS400, whichever you prefer!

180 K-Style!---This video is of the K-style 180SX which is just a "little" modified!

In Car Drift Video---This is some home video, low resolution, from inside and EVO I, drifting a local track!

Syncronized Drifting Video ---This is yet another home video of some locals drifting. Looks like both cars are in harmony, short and a must see!

Jun's Hyper Lemon EVO 5---More 4G63 Power!! They set the Tsukuba single lap record time @ '55"976!!! (My Favorite Vid)

K-Car Drifting---These are a couple of FWD turbocharged pocket rockets!!

Advan Neova Highlight---Video of Nobuteru Taniguchi and his Silvia S15. His run for the promo of the new Neova tire by Advan.

HEY MAN! Gymkhana---Video of my friend Charlie and his "Hachi-Roku" doing some Gymkhana! This how we do it in Japan just having fun.

Koguchi Video!---Video of The Green "Koguchi World" Power 180SX. An Option compilation!

Evo VI TM Edition--Top Gear review of the Tommi Makinen Evo VI, when it was new. Short, but fun to watch

D1 Drift Challenge--Video of several runs from this past year D1 Drift Competition

Drift Freestyle Exhibition #1--Video of champagne colored covertible silvia solo run: excerpt from free DVD insert

Drift Freestyle Exhibition #2--Video of All the D1 cars & motocross jumpers: excerpt from free DVD insert

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