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Eclipse From Japan, DSMtalk.com and Baer Brakes featured car!

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posted 17 Aug 2003 by  jose



Eclipse From Japan Featured Car!                       DSMtalk.com Featured Car!!                     Baer Brakes Gallery!!

Couple Sunset Pictures & DSMtuners Screen Shot

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posted 19 Mar 2003 by  jose



Things Are Really Taking Off Now!                       Life Is Good! Nuff Said!                     DSMtuners Featured Photo!

Misc. Install Pictures

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posted 4 Feb 2003 by  jose



Stock SMIC Vs. (R33)FMIC!                       Bottom of Trust Exhaust, Tig Welds!             Old J-Pipe Vs. Buschur!



Trust FMIC, piping complete!                 Coming Thru The Chassis                         Upper Pipe w/ BOV Flange



Trust Billet Shift Knob                                      She hits The Big "60"!                              The New Braking System!

Picking Up The Talon From Storage

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posted 14 Nov 2002 by  jose



The Car Use To Be White!                       Dry-Rotted 16's, Look At The Tread!             New 18's From Japan!



Slight Improvement Over Stock!                 That Is Alot Of Dust!!                         Wheels On,Ready To Be Towed



Not Too Dusty Under The Hood                       Towed To The Car Wash                Clean & Ready For The Shop!



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