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Once Upon A Time......

Before I had settled on the Eagle Talon I did alot of comparison shopping and it was the car that fit my driving style the best. I had also test drove the Corvette ZR1 and the 300 ZX twin turbo. The Talon ended up being significantly less and was fully loaded, leather and all. The car was already fast in stock trim. I was on leave in route to North Dakota when I bought the car. I then drove it all the way from North Carolina to North Dakota. I was stationed at N.D. for a little over a year before I got orders. By that time I had put about 20,000 miles on the car myself. My orders were to Tokyo, Japan. The only kicker was I could not bring the car. Back then service members were not allowed to bring their vehicles to Japan. That has since changed. Not wanting to part with the car, I chose to store it. So the car would sit in a climatized storage facility for nearly 8 years.

I was determined to put all the knowledge and expertise I gained while in Japan into the Talon when I returned. Since the 4G63 engine is fairly common in Japan I was able to pick up several parts and learn of all the mods that guys in Japan were performing on their similar powerplants.

While I was in Japan we built up about a half dozen project cars of our own. Plus tuned and built up numerous other cars while there. Our past project cars can be seen on our "Project Cars" page. Well we have since pulled the car from storage.

Before it was fired up for the first time every single fluid from engine oil to tranny and diff fluids were flushed and replenished. New plugs, plug wires, battery, timing belt, alt. belt, a.c. belt, power steering belt....let's just say everything that is normally replaced through routine maintenance was changed. Then she fired up in two turns. The Japanese can sure build them! I then drove the Talon all the way to my new assignment in Florida. Not so much as a single problem the entire trip. If that is not a break-in period I don't know what the he!! is. Well, that is where our mods page picks up. Enjoy our journey with this newest project.




*This is The Talon Seeing Sunshine For the First Time In 8 Years!

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