My Benz, VIPcar Photoshoot

 The old Brabus. Pics of new one to come.

All vehicles on my site are owned soley by me. All products used in my vehicles are bought "outright" on the open market like any normal consumer. However, many products used are one of a kind and custom built per my specifications and desires. I have no sponsors nor do I need any. So potential sponsors please do not e-mail me unless you are content with giving me free products without me running a sticker of any kind. Thank You.

Jose M. Pluguez Jr.


Arctic Racing



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My Talon @ NOPI Street Wars

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 Whats New At Arctic Racing

Brabus News Look to Brabus to create the worlds fastest Mercs. Not to be satisfied with the current top speed of the now infamous Brabus CLS Rocket, TUV has just certified the rocket to an incredible 365.7 km/h!!!

Interior night shot

This is an early night shot of the interior. When I get a good one of the audio visual, I will load it up.


If you are looking for the Talon Portion of my site click on "My Talon" on the horizontal tool bar located at the top.

features my car as the representation of the 1st Generation Talon/Eclipse/Laser. So all of you 1G owners when you shop on their site by car type you will see my ride. I am also in their featured car gallery.

Well as you can see there has been a lack of updates on the Talon. Thats because I am currently out of the country and have not been able to work on the car. Keep checking back frequently, cause she will be back at the track before you know it.

The Talon Videos page for "My Talon" Is updated with 5 new videos including my my 12.1 pass from South Georgia Motorsports Park! 14b Power laying it down!.

Arctic Circle is the new name for our family and friends area. Everyone else please enjoy the rest of what the site has to offer.

Previa Page has finally been updated. Be sure to check out the Mod List. I Have a more complete list of the mods. The Previa Archive has also been updated with some older photos that I found.


DSMtalk Is currently back up