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Recently we swapped out the 17 inch rims that came on the Celsior for some 19's. The rims are 19" X 10" on the rear, rolling on 275/30/19 Dunlop SP 9000's. The front are 19" X 9", rolling on 245/35/19 Dunlop SP 9000's. The offset will remain secret. This is so because of the god awful amount of time and work it took to dial in the offset just right. The tire and rim combo fit the car so perfectly that over fenders are not needed. Plus when the car is set in parking mode (resting on the ground) the tires tuck in with about 2mm to spare from touching the inner fender.

 The ASE664 Data System Air Suspension Is Installed!

I just got the air bag controller installed. The reason we picked the Data System ASE 664 Air Sus controller is because in Japan it is currently the best on the market. The controller has 16 programmable settings, and also has front/back and side to side motion. The range of hi/low is +40mm ~ -90mm respectively. Which by the photos you can see is a whole lot of motion.

Data System of Japan offers many products for the Celsior(ls400) and many other large sedans. There website is mainly in Japanese, but I did see an "english" button on their page, however I've never tried it. Because, watashino nihongo jozu :)

The Celsior sports 19" rims manufactured by Super Star of Japan. At the time of purchase 19" was the largest diameter this wheel came in. At some of the local shows I have seen 22" wheels tucked under the LS400 with no body modifications. It is amazing that the car is that big. On the Shaken, Japanese title, the Celsior is actually longer and wider than the Estima.


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