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 The PUNCH POWER 12" Sub Is Here And It Is All About POWER!

The Rockford FosgatePunch Power 12" Sub I ordered back before Halloween just arrived. It took over 2 months. But I know why. It weighs a ton. I was just awe struck when I took it out of the wooden crate it was shipped in.

Rockford Fosgate went all out with this one. First of all the speaker is nearly as thick as its diameter. The magnet is 8" in diameter and over 4 inches thick (WOW!) There does not seem to be a cone at all but a dust cap that goes from one side to the other of Santoprene surround. Which is understandable since the POWER 12 sports a 4" voice coil.

On the subject of voice coils. The POWER 12 has Dual 2 ohm voice coils. Each voice coils is rated at 1,000 watts RMS or 2,000 peak. That is a whopping 2,000 watts RMS, 4,000 watts peak! I am sure that the MTX Blue Thunder PRO amplifier that powers the subwoofer stage of the Estima will not blow this sub like it has blown the past 3 to include the Kenwood Xcellion DB.

 The New Coil-Overs and bushings are installed!

The New coil overs are a drastic improvement over the lowering springs. We previously had a set of TRIX racing springs that brought the van down about 50mm all around. The new coilovers are a true bolt on application. They included 8kg springs for the rear and 10kg springs for the front. There are also helper springs in the fronts. Right now the van sits about 10mm lower than with the previously noted TRIX springs. The coilovers still have the potential to go 50-60mm lower. Which would basically put the van on the ground. The rear is a spring and shock set up. With the spring having a upper mounted plate that can be lowered or raised. Also included were upper pillow mounts for the fronts. Plus all susepnsion bushings were changed. The van feels awesome on the road. So much more stable and stiff, especially on the high speed cornering. Can't wait for our next high speed testing session. See you on the Yoko-Yoko.


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